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iQ WOOD Structural

Wooden partition wall in double glass. 

The warm and natural look of wood combined with the flexibility of an aluminium partition wall.



Unique wall structure
iQ WOOD Structural is a glass wall system built up from a combination of  aluminium and wooden profiles. By working with aluminium (click) profiles  in the  inner core we retain the strength of a flexible partition wall.
Thanks to the unique combination of materials,  it is possible to create a minimalist, wooden partition wall with maximum rigidity and a profile height of only  33 mm.
A door element in the wall system consists of a solid wood frame that can be combined with various QbiQ door types.


The inner core of the  iQ WOOD tructural  is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified. The FSC® wood used is available in European Oak and Abachi. The wood is not nailed down, but blindly attached to the aluminium (click) profiles. The glass is mounted ‘dry’ by means of a glass rubber. This makes the wall completely remountable and the system fits seamlessly into the range of our circular partition walls.



The iQ WOOD Structural is equipped with two times 66.2 laminated glass with a thickness of 12.76 mm. Optionally, 66.a2 glass can be applied with an acoustic foil for better sound insulation.

The glass panels are connected with a fully transparent 0-joint.  This eliminates the need for vertical jambs and creates a beautiful glass wall with an open and natural character.


The solid wood door frames can be fitted with aluminium frame doors, veneer/HPL doors and hard glass doors.

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iQ WOOD Structural

Description Wooden double-glazed wall system with 0 joint.
Certification • Cradle to Cradle Silver inner core.
• FSC® wood elements
Partition Thickness 40mm
Sections modulation 35.43" (900mm), project specific dimensions possible.
Section panels Glass
Glazing Laminated single glass, thickness 12.76 mm, possibly with acoustic film Modulation 900 mm, project specific dimensions possible.
Section Joins Transparent 0-joint.
Head Track Aluminium core lined with wood, height 33 mm.
Floor Track Aluminium core lined with wood, height 33 mm.
Doors frames Wood Solid Block Frame DKW100, 99 mm with single rabbet.
Doors • Aluminium frame doors with acoustic laminated glass.
• Wooden doors with an HPL or veneer finish.
• Hardened glass doors.
Types of wood • Oak
• Abachi
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iQ WOOD Structural

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