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iQ PROTECT Fire Hightech

EI60 fire-resistant glass partition with 33mm profile

This fully transparent fire-resistant partition iQ PROTECT Fire Hightech has an EI60 certification and a profile height of around just 33mm view. These steel profiles developed by QbiQ thus aesthetically fit in perfectly with the 0-minutes partitions with an aluminium QbiQ profile.

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iQ PROTECT Fire Hightech

Partition Thickness 32 till 41mm
Glazed Sections project specifically
Clad Sections up to 1000 mm
Section Joins 0-seam
Floor Track steel profile height of just 33mm
Head Track steel profile height of just 33mm
Cadding fire-resistant glass
Glass Frames steel
Glazing EI30, EI60,EW30 and EW60
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iQ PROTECT Fire Hightech

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