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Flexible self-contained glass unit

Discover the unique features of QQ1 glass units, developed by QbiQ. These freestanding glass units offer you the best of both worlds: luxury and ease of use. The innovative flexible system enables a stylish silence workplace, meeting room or office space. The QQ1 can be build within 24 hours in places that are difficult in the usual way. The unit offers a pleasant working atmosphere in which you or your employees can work in a quiet environment without isolating them self to an outside world. And because the unit is completely constructed of glass, the exclusive appearance of the new workplace will add value to your office and your organization.

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Partition Thickness 20 mm
Glazend Sections project-specific
Clad Sections up to 900 mm of other modulations possible
Section Joins transparant hairline joint
Floor Track flat, aluminum, height 33 mm
Head Track aluminum, height 140 mm, provided with cutouts for grid ceiling systems.
Cadding glass
Door Frames aluminum block frame, 42, 58, 74 mm
Doors full glazing, closed door with HPL or veneer, aluminum frame door
Hinges stainless steel
Glass Frames full-glass
Glazing single glass, possibly with acoustic damping, thickness 12.76 mm
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