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QbiQ has been demonstrably at the forefront when it comes to sustainability for years. All wall systems are Cradle to Cradle Silver certified. Our knowledge and know-how has resulted in an innovation in the application of laminated glass. And we are quite proud of this.


100% sustainable wall systems, through the use of laminated glass, high acoustic comfort, bespoke minimalist design and – of course – every part of the wall is separable and endlessly suitable for reuse. Cradle to Cradle Silver certified.

QbiQ is the only supplier that really delivers.


Being aware of the changing world in which we take responsibility and do business sustainably with an eye for people, planet and society.

QbiQ. The Green Option.


In this way QbiQ meets the requirements for C2C certification, the wishes of architects and clients and high-quality acoustic comfort for the users of the spaces.

What makes QbiQ’s transparent wall systems so special and extra sustainable is that they go one step further in responsible production compared to toughened glass, where comfort and sound values are considerably lower.

QbiQ’s added values in a row:

  • innovative PVC films in our laminated glass perform better in terms of sound insulation;
  • less iron oxide ensures clear glass;
  • efficient use of raw materials through minimalist design;
  • suppliers are also C2C certified;
  • higher score BREEAM rating;
  • higher assessment for the WELL Building Standard.

In addition, the wall systems meet the criteria for C2C Silver:

  • the raw materials are 100% non-toxic;
  • endless reuse possible without loss of quality;
  • conscious use of water and energy;
  •  socially responsible use of labour.

Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified


First supplier with Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate for acoustic laminated glass

After the Cradle to Cradle Bronze, QbiQ can now also carry the Cradle to Cradle Silver certificate for all its wall systems. Until early 2020, suppliers of glass walls could only carry the C2C Silver certificate for toughened glass. QbiQ is the first to be able to realise C2C Silver certified transparent and closed walls with high acoustic quality.

Efficient and no waste
Our wall systems are minimalist in design. Raw materials are processed very efficiently during production. Our own recycling method guarantees that all the materials in our walls are recycled to a high level of quality after use.

Chain responsibility
Cradle to Cradle Silver means that QbiQ imposes requirements on its suppliers; they must also be fully C2C certified. This means that the entire chain complies with Cradle to Cradle standards in terms of reusability of materials, the proven non-toxicity of raw materials and the sensible handling of water and energy consumption. In addition, the social aspect applies: how do we deal with the use of our workforce in a socially responsible way?

Sustainability and design go hand in hand
For our company it is important to maintain the C2C Silver certification, without losing sight of the minimalistic and transparent design of the wall systems.

That is what we mean with ‘The Green Option’!

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Cradle to Cradle Certified Product Scorecard

A material health certificate states what the product consists of, which materials pose a risk to human health and the environment and what further steps are needed to improve product safety.

The material in the product is part of a biological or technical cycle, so there is no waste.

Renewable energy (also called green energy) helps to make products with renewable energy, so that the effects of climate changing greenhouse gases are reduced through production and natural resources are constantly replenished.

Water management ensures that water is recognised as a valuable resource, that river basins are protected and that clean water is available to people and all other organisms.

The aim of this category is to ensure that the wellbeing of all the people and natural systems involved in the manufacture of a product is taken into account right from the initial stage, when the designs are being created.

“Our commitment to sustainability is persistent. Although we cannot fully trace and therefore claim the exact origin of recycled materials (mainly glass, aluminum and steel) currently, due to the lack of a Chain of Custody at our suppliers. At this moment we are content with the statements we have received from these suppliers. These statements confirm that there is a significant amount of recycled content in the materials we use.

We will of course continue to actively engage with our suppliers to continuously increase recycled content. Our goal is to promote transparency and to further motivate our suppliers in setting up a Chain of Custody. This allows us to accurately determine what percentage of our materials comes from pre-consumer (residual material during production) and what percentage is post-consumer (after use). Through these efforts, we believe we will not only reduce our environmental footprint, but also raise the sustainability standard in our industry.”



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