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The most applied QbiQ partitions are available for adding to  a BIM model. With the QbiQ library for Revit, realistic QbiQ partitions can easily be drawn with Revit’s curtain wall function.

Download BIM objects

The QbiQ partitions are available as a Revit library. With the curtain wall function, single glazed, double glazed and solie system walls can be added to the BIM model.

The library contains a simplified part of the extensive range of partitions and doors. In this way one can quickly draw the most glass and solid walls and doors can be added. The library provides the automatic creation of primary details such as corner and T-connections.


To keep the library simple and workable, three wall systems have been included in the range. These are iQ Single 20, iQ Structural 100 and iQ PRO 100 with glass and closed panels. With this selection, the BIM model is enriched with the most realistic (glass) walls. Please contact us about the possibilities for the other wall systems.

Doors and frames

For the sake of simplicity, we have chosen to limit the library to three door frames and seven door types. This is only a part of the full range that includes 13 frames and 18 doors. Please contact our advisors for specific information about doors and doorframes.


Due to the modular structure and the profile height of 33 mm, QbiQ partitions can be combined infinitely. Specific solutions are available for every connection to existing  brick or metal stud walls or for combinations with doorelements. In order not to complicate the library unnecessarily, it was decided to include a limited number of details in this library. For project-specific details you can of course contact us.

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