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iQ PRO Noise Cover

 Closed wall system with sound-absorbing elements

iQ PRO Noise Cover offers a smart solution for insulating and absorbing sound in one wall system. Naturally, this concept has also been implemented in a circular manner and meets the acoustic values that will make your client happy.

In the minimalistic design that you are used to from QbiQ.


For iQ PRO Noise Cover, a polyester canvas is used which is re-usable. This polyester fabric is in basic white and available in many prints. It can also be used for branding or other visuals. The fabric is integrated seamlessly and wrinkle-free into the iQ PRO wall system.


Solutions with PET felt are often chosen, but PET felt is not free from the emission of microplastics and there is uncertainty about its origin. The PET felt often comes in a thickness of 9 mm, if it is used thicker, it lies in front of the wall. In addition, the absorption values ​​of PET felt are not optimal if no air cavity is provided.


In the case of iQ PRO Noise Cover, a space of 15 mm, 25 mm or (with a small adjustment) 40 mm is created behind the canvas. This space can be filled with various circular materials, depending on the desired absorption values. Even old ceiling panels can be used for this, which is one-to-one re-use.


In order to achieve the desired sound insulation , we determine in consultation the correct wall thickness and the correct materialization of the closed wall by means of plaster panels, steel plating and/or eco-material. All variants of the iQ PRO system wall achieve a sound insulation up to Rw = 60 dB.


The iQ PRO Noise Cover wall system is also easy to install and remove. This also applies to replacing the canvas. In connection with responsible recycling or re-use, we are naturally happy to receive the canvas/canvases back.


Like all QbiQ wall systems, iQ PRO Noise Cover is Cradle to Cradle Silver certified.


In short, a smart and sustainable wall concept, which can be provided with visuals and which, compared to alternatives with PET felt, is financially interesting for your projects.


iQ PRO Noise Cover can be perfectly combined with our transparent wall systems and with closed walls such as iQ PRO Steel, iQ PRO Melamine or iQ PRO Eco.

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iQ PRO Noise Cover

Description Closed wall system with sound-absorbing elements
Partition Thickness 100, 125 mm
Section panels Polyester canvas
Section modulation Wall tot wall without panel size.
Section Joins 0-joint of 31 mm T-joint.
Head Track Flat, aluminium, 1.3" (33 mm) high, optional with integrated picture rail.
Floor Track Flat, aluminium, 1.3" (33 mm).
Door Frames Aluminium blokframe with single and/or double rabbet.
Doors • Aluminum frame doors with acoustic laminated glass.
• Flush and full flush doors.
• Full tempered glass.
• Wooden doors with an HPL or veneer finish.
• Closed steel doors.
Colors aluminum profiles RAL color gloss level 30% or 70%.
Colors section panels Polyester canvas is basic white and available in many designs or custom print.
Sound Insulation Up to Rw 60 dB.
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iQ PRO Noise Cover

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