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iQ PRO Eco

Closed wall with environmentally friendly bio-based panels.

Interior curtain walls featuring advanced bio-based panels. The panels are made of cellulose fibres, such as grass, hemp, waste paper, miscanthus, corn fibres, straw or jute.  The fibres are made into pulp and pressed under high pressure and temperature. Only water is used. The panels are installed in solid walls with the distinctive QbiQ profiling.

Since no adhesives are used, the panels in the iQ PRO Eco are infinitely recyclable. iQ PRO Eco panels are free of toxins such as formaldehyde.


Combined with QbiQ’s glazed partitions, iQ PRO Eco contributes to a healthy working environment. The aluminum profiles are just 33 mm all around in view. Available in wall thickness of 100 or 125 mm. The iQ PRO Eco can be perfectly combined with transparent glass partition such as iQ Single, iQ Structural or iQ PRO Glass. Also with closed panels from the iQ PRO series such as iQ PRO Steel and iQ PRO Stud.

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iQ PRO Eco

Description Closed wall with environmentally friendly bio-based panels.
Wanddikte 3.94", 4.92 (100, 125 mm).
Section panels bio-based panels.
Sections modulation 47.24" (1200mm), project specific dimensions possible.
Section Joins Flat strip 1.3" (31 mm) and/or v-joint.
Head Track Flat, aluminium, 1.3" (33 mm) high, optional with integrated picture rail
Floor Track Flat, aluminium, 1.3" (33 mm) high.
Door Frames Aluminium block frame with single and/or double rabet.
Doors • Aluminum frame doors with acoustic laminated glass.
• Flush and full flush doors.
• Full tempered glass.
• Wooden doors with an HPL or veneer finish.
• Closed steel doors.
Sound insulation Up to Rw 60 dB.
Colors profiles RAL color gloss level 30% or 70% or fine texture.
Color panels Project specific.
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iQ PRO Eco

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