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Circular office for the Nutrition Center The Hague


Circular office for the Food Centre

The Food Centre in The Hague has moved and now probably -partly thanks to QbiQ- has the most circular office in the Netherlands. LIAG architects and building consultants designed a circular interior of which the basic assumption was to include as many used materials as possible. For instance, the floor covering was previously used at trade fairs and exhibitions and the cupboards and staircase are made of untreated underlayment.

Reuse of modular walls

Most modular glass walls moved along from the old building to the new office at the Bezuidenhoutseweg in The Hague. The extra QbiQ walls that are to be placed, which are Cradle to Cradle certified, were made of remnant profiles and of glass that remains after the cutting process, so-called cutting waste. As we departed from the available material for the construction of the modular walls, it was possible that the profiles as well as the glass panels had different colours. In addition, the modulation of the glass panels was irregular because the width of the glass panels from the cutting waste.

This way the Food Centre, as a socially involved institute, took the lead and shows that you can design an office with a minimum burden on the environment.

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