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Frame doors product assortment


Aesthetic and acoustic aspects

When designing school classrooms, offices and other rooms, the emphasis is mainly on sound insulation, in addition to aesthetic aspects. A single- or double-glazed wall is often used to achieve a certain dB value. When determining sound transmission in a practical situation, the door also plays a crucial role.  The right door can substantially contribute to a pleasant working environment and maybe even prevent investing in a double-glazed wall.

QbiQ frame doors are always fitted with acoustic laminated glass. In a KDEC or KDET door the thickness is 12 mm (6.6.a.2). There are also (flush) door variants with 2x 8 mm (4.4.a.2) laminated glass. There is a choice of a single or double seal and of one or even two drop seals.

We are happy to update you about these important choices in the field of frame doors!


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