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New: 33mm EI60 fire-resistant facade


QbiQ introduces a new EI60 fire-resistant facade with a profile height of just 33mm and a fully transparent 0-joint. This EI60 facade is a breakthrough in the design of fire-resistant facades that up until now were also made with much higher profiles.

This new fire facade is a welcome extension of the IQ Protect assortment that consists of multiple fire and impact-resistant wall systems and glass facades with EI30, EI60,EW30 and EW60 classification.

33 mm profile height

QbiQ modular walls are widely known for their integral profile height of just 33 mm. All QbiQ wall systems can therefore be seamlessly combined and linked. From now on it is therefore also possible to seamlessly combine the fire-resistant and/or compartment separating walls. With a wall like this one, architects get the opportunity to design an even sleeker, highly aesthetic interior.

Transparent 0-joint

In this fire-resistant wall system QbiQ also chose a transparent 0-joint. No vertical supports are therefore needed in this EI60 wall. This enables creating a full glass wall where a EI60 classification is required.

More information?

Would you like more information about this EI60 facade? Then call +31 88 50 10 500 or send an e-mail to info@qbiq.nl


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