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Not inside, but outside


This picture was taken last week at the new location of the Nutrition Center in The Hague (NL) around 8:00 am. Here we are working on a project. Our colleague Richard van Ham is in the bin of the telehandler.


With a telehandler our walls are brought to the right floor. This vertical transportation must be done almost every time on the outside of the building because the existing elevators inside the building are not big enough to keep the 6-meter-long profiles and 270cm to 300cm high glass panels.

A telehandler is best machine to raise our wall parts to higher floors. First an opening in the façade is created. This is usually done by removing a window of a facade panel. Then the wall components are brought up with a tray to the façade opening, where the container is emptied by hand by our own unloading teams.


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