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Van Pelt architects initiates and designs the palaver box


The Palaverbox is the solution for at-risk groups and their loved ones who want to meet up close without physical contact. The Palaverbox is compact, flexible and unique; it fits into any environment. A transparent volume with separate entrances, two areas that can be entered separately through a glass wall. Being together without physical contact. The Palaverbox is multifunctional, because it can also be used as a teahouse, for example, with the glass partition removed.

The first Palaverbox is now being realised by QbiQ and will soon be installed at care facility De Engelenberg in Brummen. Do you also see the advantages and possibilities for the Palaverbox in your organisation or for another purpose? Please contact Marianne van der Sande tel: 088-5010543 or e-mail: marianne@qbiq.nl



Design from Van Pelt architecten.




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