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S200 smoke resistant glass can withstand 200 degrees Celsius.


New tests at DMT Lathen
QbiQ Wall Systems recently expanded its wall system IQ Protect S200 with an S200 frame door and had it all tested at DMT in Lathen. The test setup with an IQ Protect single glass wall and an aluminium frame door passed the S200 smoke resistance test with flying colours. We are happy to share our expertise in this field with you.

Smoke is life-threatening
Studies have shown that more people die in a fire from smoke than from the fire. Inhalation of smoke is disastrous and results in suffocation. In 2017 this led to more strictly formulated insights into the safety of buildings and specific requirements were set for the smoke resistance of walls and doors.

Environmental structures decree
In the environmental structures decree, strict requirements are set for the smoke resistance of compartments with separate requirements for both hot and cold smoke. Depending on the type of building and use, it is determined which classification is required.

  • Sa Classification for non-sleeping buildings such as offices. Here one assumes smoke with ambient temperature, or “cold smoke”.
  • S200 Classification for buildings where people sleep, such as hospitals, hotels and nurseries. It is based on smoke resistance at 200 °C, or “hot smoke”.
  • No requirement: smoke screens are no longer fire resistant (unless it concerns protected subBCs and BCs).

QbiQ Wall Systems has had a number of tests carried out in the field of smoke resistance and we can therefore, as with our regular system walls, make combinations of closed and transparent smoke-resistant wall systems, in which both closed doors and frame doors can be used. Naturally, they are provided with a test certificate from the German inspection authority DMT in Lathen.

Let us advise you if smoke resistant walls are required in your design!


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