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iQ Solo

Closed system wall of steel cassettes with circular insulation material

iQ Solo is a Cradle to Cradle Silver certified partition. It is a monoblock system of steel panels, filled with a circular sustainable insulation material. The proposition of iQ Solo is simple but effective. A neatly finished, closed partition with a thickness of 78 mm is created immediately and dust-free. The wall consists of custom-made cassettes of 1.5 mm thick sheet steel. The cassettes connect to each other with a minimal joint, without stiles or strips. The cassettes are provided with a C2C certified powder coating in any desired color.

iQ Solo combines perfectly with the iQ Single wall concept with single glass sections; the acoustically laminated (66.A2) glass connects directly to the closed wall in the center of the cassette. For increased acoustic requirements, you can combine the iQ Solo with the double-walled iQ Structural partition with a thickness of 78 mm.

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iQ Solo

Description Closed partition with steel cassettes
Certification Cradle to Cradle Silver
Partition Thickness 78 mm.
Cladding Cassettes made of 1.5 sheet steel.
Sections modulation 900 mm, project specific dimensions possible.
Section Joins 0-joint.
Insulation Circular insulation material (of your choice).
Head Track 33 mm aluminum.
Floor Track Non.
Door Frames Aluminium blokframe with single and/or double rebate
Doors • Aluminum framed doors with single or double acoustic laminated glass and with single or double stop.
• Closed steel doors.
• Wooden doors with an HPL or veneer finish.
• Full-glass doors.
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iQ Solo

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