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QbiQ introduces the Route 66


The Route 66 is a wall system that is characterised by the classic industrial look and feel of the 1930s and 1940s. Inspired by the so-called “Van Nelle facade” as can be found in the former Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam. This grand building is filled with charming walls made of steel and glass. For the first time, whole walls were largely made of glass, creating pleasant workplaces with lots of light and transparency. The Van Nelle factory has been included on the UNESCO world heritage list for good reason.

Robust modular wall

For Route 66 the starting point was to approach the robust cast-iron structure of the Van Nelle facade as much as possible. We always had this idea in mind and the result is pretty good. A modern aluminium modular wall with rough robust profiles for both horizontal and vertical sectioning.

Structure coating

As a designer or architect you are free to choose the colour and coating of the Route 66.  The profiles of the Route 66 can be supplied in any RAL colour and, if so desired, provided with a structure that approaches the coarse cast iron even better.


High acoutic values

The Route 66 is available in single or double glazing. For the glazing one can opt for standard glass or for acoustic layered glass for even higher noise damping.

Doors and frames

As is customary at QbiQ, several door frames and doors can be used for this wall system. For instance, shatter-proof glass doors, aluminium door frames or wooden HPL doors can also be provided as sliding doors and double doors.




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