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The favourites of the Herengracht Industry Prize 2018 are known


The nominations of the biannual Herengracht Industry Prize 2018 have been announced. The high quality and diversity, the clear, exciting and somewhat radical concepts, the attractive field of tension between interior and architecture and the merging of various disciplines to fascinating Gesamtkunstwerken, typify the submissions according to the jury.

The submitted projects of this third edition of the Herengracht Industry Prize 2018 also indicate that the crisis is over. According to the jury ‘the so-called ‘crisis aesthetics’ with low-budget materials, exposed concrete and low-tech constructions are paving the way for smart interventions, new lighting systems, more high quality construction material, increased sustainability and circularity and tailored design.’

The nominees are

Museum Voorlinden by Kraaijvanger Architects

Reception pavilion Brick Factory Vogelensangh by Bedaux de Brouwer Architects.

Auditorium cemetery Zoom- en Zegestede by pole productions. View the project on the website of the H.I.P. 2018

Matryoshka House by Shift architecture urbanism & Makina

Blaak House by V8 Architects. View the project on the website of the H.I.P. 2018


The jury of the Herengracht Industry Prize 2018 consists of Patrick Koschuch (Van Dongen-Koschuch), Saskia Simon (OMA), Erik Kessels (KesselsKramer), Tanja Soeter (Hema) and Indira van ’t Klooster (architecture journalist).

The winner will be announced on 14 June. In 2016 Maurice Mentjens won the prize for the House of Smart.

Source: http://www.dearchitect.nl/architectuur/nieuws/2018/05/kanshebbers-herengracht-industrie-prijs-2018-bekend-101190559


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