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QbiQ is expanding!


An increasing number of clients in the Netherlands and abroad value QbiQ and our system walls. Naturally, designers and architects are attracted by the extensive product range, while similar practical matters such as fire resistance and high noise protection also play a part. The modular construction, which enables all types of walls to fit together seamlessly, often forms the deciding factor.

This past year, the number of projects and their scope has been continually increasing. The order portfolio of QbiQ is filling up correspondingly. To be able to process this growth, we are expanding our offices by 750 m². With this, we are creating dozens of new workplaces for draughtsmen, work preparers, calculators, administrators, R&D colleagues and sellers. The new offices, with a phenomenal view of the Old Rhine, are situated on top of the existing ones, all to preserve the speed and flexibility many a client expects from us.


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