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QbiQ partner World Architecture Festival


The World Architecture Festival (WAF), which takes place in Amsterdam this year, has announced its speakers programme. The line-up includes, among others, Rem Koolhaas, David Adjaye, Peter Cook and Jeanne Gang. The WAF is organised in the RAI from 28 to 30 November and the theme is Identity. QbiQ participates in this festival and would like to enter into dialogue with visitors from across the world.

The WAF, which was organised for the first time in Barcelona in 2008 and then called in at various cities from around the world, will be organised in the Netherlands for the first time. Partly for this reason, the programme of speakers has a somewhat ‘Dutch’ flavour, with lectures from, among others, Francine Houben, Kees Christiaanse and Caroline Bos.

The international names include, among others, John Wardle, Chad Oppenheim and Aaron Betsky. The WAF believes that the highlight of the speakers programme is an interview of architecture critic Charles Jencks with Rem Koolhaas, with a focus on the current and future concept of a global architecture identity.

‘Identity’ is expounded at the festival in the expression of individual, common, civil and national identity in architecture, but also about how buildings and places are increasingly becoming part of the discussion about ethnic and gender identity.

The programme of the WAF includes lectures, discussions and presentations. In addition, the WAF Awards will be presented in no less than 33 categories. Parallel to the WAF, the RAI will be hosting the Inside World Festival of Interiors, with speakers such as India Mahdavi, Christina Seilern, Eva Jiricná and Maria Warner Wong.


Source: Architectenweb.nl

Read more on the World Architecture Festival website.


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