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3dB acoustic improvement with stainless steel threshold


QbiQ has developed a stainless steel threshold that improves the sound absorption of no less than 3dB. The threshold has been designed for placement under a door with a drop seal and where soft floor covering, such as carpet, has been applied to the floor. The noise reduction of 3dB refers to noise that spreads below the drop seal.

This considerable reduction of the sound is first effected by the completely flat connection of the drop seal on the threshold and second by the fact that the drop seal can only press in the carpet for a few millimeter. This problem is solved with this stainless steel sill.

Drop seal and carpet
Spreading sound under the door is an important issue. A drop seal, built into the underside of the door, ensures that the space under the door is closed as much as possible when the door is closed. However, when soft floor covering is applied, such as carpeting, a drop seal can not exert enough pressure to penetrate deep into the carpet, leaving openings in the carpet underneath the drop seal, through which sound can escape.

By now replacing a strip of carpet right under the door with a stainless steel threshold, this problem is solved. To prevent bending, the dust sill is made of 4mm solid aluminum and has a stainless steel cover panel.


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