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S200. Glass that can resist 200 degrees centigrade


QbiQ recently obtained S200 glass. This is glass that can resist hot smoke of 200 degrees centigrade in accordance with the new standard as described in the decree on buildings in the living environment.

Smoke is highly dangerous

Research has indicated that more people die in a fire because of smoke than the fire itself. Inhaling smoke is fatal and leads to asphyxiation. This led to new insights into the (fire) safety of buildings and resulted in specific requirements for smoke protection of walls and doors.

New requirement decree on buildings in the living environment

The new decree on buildings in the living environment lays down new, stricter smoke protection requirements of compartments, where different requirements apply to cold and hot smoke. Which classification applies depends on the type and use of a building.

  • Sa Classification for non-sleep buildings such as offices. This departs from smoke with ambient temperature, or “cold smoke”.
  • S200 Classification for buildings people sleep in such as hospitals, hotels, day-care centres. This departs from smoke protection at 200 °C, or “hot smoke”.
  • Non-requirement smoke barriers are no longer fire resistant (unless this concerns sub-BCs and BCs).

The decree on buildings in the living environment is the successor to the Building Code and other codes and will apply from spring 2019. The concept decree on buildings in the living environment was already published in July 2016, so the market can prepare.


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