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Unilever construction team visits QbiQ


At the end of last week, almost the entire construction team of the Global Foods Innovation Centre project for Unilever in Wageningen gathered at QbiQ in Alphen aan de Rhijn.

After Casper Landewers explained the various QbiQ wall systems, the group witnessed our production process at the factory with great interest. Kim Zandbergen was able to give a detailed explanation of the exact precision with which the glass is cut and how the CNC machine can still take another “bite” out of it.

Patrick Levie was glad to see that the first framed doors and glass walls had already arrived and were ready to be transported to Wageningen. There, they will be assembled in phase 1 according to the mock-up.  Naturally, this will be carried out in close consultation and according to the planning of Dura Vermeer. We said our farewells after lunch and left in high spirits.

QbiQ is looking forward to a pleasant collaboration with all parties. We will be sure to keep you informed on the progress of this sustainable and special project that has already been presented with BREAAM awards on two occasions. From four different locations, Unilever will move into their new, centralised accommodation in multiple phases and in the fall of 2019, approximately 550 employees will be working at the Global Food Innovation Centre.


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