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QbiQ joins Indutrade Benelux


QbiQ Group B.V. has joined the Indutrade Benelux business group. On 26 April 2019, Kim Zandbergen (Managing Director QbiQ Group) and Robert Timmer (CEO Indutrade Benelux) signed the official agreement. QbiQ Group is comprised of various companies that specialise in movable wall systems, glass fronts, fire-resistant fronts and steel profile frames and includes QbiQ B.V. in Alphen aan den Rijn and Plooijer Zaandam B.V.

Sustainable wall concepts
The companies within the QbiQ Group design, develop and produce both fire-resistant and sound insulating wall concepts in which  minimalistic and transparent wall solutions perfectly combine with contemporary architectural requirements and needs. In this, we focus on sustainability and circular production. The engineering of the wall systems is such that the manufacture efficiently handles the use of raw materials. What’s more, the QbiQ wall concepts are Cradle to Cradle certified.

The QbiQ Group targets both the new construction and renovation markets. The firm closely collaborates with a network of architects. The QbiQ Group has approximately 80 employees and a net turnover of roughly EUR 30 million.

About Indutrade
The Indutrade Benelux holding company has companies of the listed Swedish firm Indutrade AB that are established in the Benelux.  Indutrade focuses on high-quality technologies for niche industrial applications. The affiliated firms introduce technological components and systems on the market and provide services.

Indutrade has the goal of growing with companies that focus on technological expertise, customer orientation and local infrastructure. The de-centralised structure forms the heart of company culture and strategy. This means that the affiliated firms keep their identity and autonomy. This freedom is the basis of the entrepreneurial spirit that flourishes within the company.

The Indutrade Benelux holding company offers support in the areas of industrial know-how, finance, development and management. The subsidiaries profit from the benchmarking and the informal exchange of experiences and expertise.




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