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Canon Production Printing


The new head office of Canon Production Printing, formerly OCÉ Technologies, is currently being finalised in Venlo. This beautiful building is designed by BroekBakema; the interior design is by Hans Maréchal of MplusR interior architecture. Realised by BAM Bouw en Techniek, project leader Joost Wieland.

The design has a large atrium with vide glazing, very slender facade styles, many concentration workstations and high demands in the field of acoustics; that requires some craftsmanship by the team of QbiQ!

Double-walled, acoustic layered, closed walls, rejuvenated and fall-through safe: all terms are included in the specifications of the system walls in this office project. With the aim of providing bright, quiet working and meeting spaces for Canon employees. During the assembly we were allowed to make a short film:



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