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Collective building Zwijndrecht


By order of the Central Government Real Estate Agency, OTH architects and Bouwbedrijf Pennings, in collaboration with us, transformed the former laboratory building of the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority into a Rijksverzamelkantoor.

This special project was completed some time ago, but despite this we would like to underline the unique character of this project:

  • No less than 1500 m2 of glass system wall were installed
  • These walls were implemented in IQ-SINGLE, IQ-STRUCTURAL and IQ-PRO
  • Some IQ-STRUCTURAL walls are made of three double glazing with a sound value of 37 DnT, A (dB (A))
  • We supplied 26 wooden doors in aluminum door frame
  • and 35 hard glass doors in aluminum door frame

The project has now been added to our inspiration page! View this page here.


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