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In progress: Project Wijkerzand Projects Den Bosch


Wijkerzand Projecten is a real estate developer that deals with the development of housing and (re) development of commercial real estate. Through a strategic partnerships, Wijkerzand Projecten is able to tackle and realize projects vigorously and energetically. In this project we have installed a total of 120 m2 of different walls.

We are working on a variety of projects from large to small throughout the Netherlands. Despite the size of the project, we always fully commit ourselves and deliver supreme quality.


  • 120 m2 QbiQ glass partition walls of type IQ-Single and IQ-Structural.
  • Profile color: RAL 9004 fine Texture.

Corridor separating walls:

  • Walls: IQ-Single, single-glazed wall system.
  • Doors: of the type KDEC, a frame door with single glass centered in the middle.

Room separating walls:

  • A wall system with high sound requirements.
  • Walls: IQ-Structural.
  • Doors: type KDD57D, a frame door with 2 x 8 mm acoustic laminated glass (44a2) and double stop.

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