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EI60 fire resistant glass wall with 33mm profile


QbiQ will soon introduce a fire-resistant façade with a 33m high profile and 0-joint. This wall will be added to the IQ-Protect range that consists of fire, smoke and fall resistant glass walls. The first tests with an EI60 fire-resistant façade seem promising. Recently, our R&D department worked hard on a 33mm high profile for a fire-resistant wall with EI60 classification. No vertical stands are required for the glass panels. The glass panels can be connected with a fire-resistant kit and 0-joint.

The walls of QbiQ are known for slim and slender profiles of just 33mm height. Until now, a fire-resistant façade was not available for this profile height. The request for such a fire-resistant façade arose from an aesthetic viewpoint.

With this fire-resistant façade we lift the aesthetics of glass and modular walls to a higher level.


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