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As open and transparent as possible

“I came up with the design for Grant Thornton’s Rotterdam office refurbishment. The office’s location right next to the Erasmus Bridge made this a very special project. It required an interior design with the same high‑grade finishing. One of the reasons we readily opted to work with QbiQ. I wanted to incorporate a lot of glass from floor to ceiling forming a whole with the facade to create an open, spacious effect. To accentuate the financial services provider’s transparency, QbiQ devised chrome‑anodized aluminium cross‑sections to create a soft, reflective appearance. QbiQ has full control of its own production, making it particularly flexible and agile. If a section of partition wall happened not to fit, then they made a new one to spec in no time at all. And no waiting for weeks on end… I just loved working with them.”



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