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A QbiQ partition wall is more than just a divide

“Delft University of Technology’s new science faculty building was a project with exacting specifications, including low‑vibration floors, laboratories with ventilation rates of 20 ACH, bio‑safety research rooms, office space and teaching rooms. QbiQ’s transparent partition walls allowed us to create an extremely spacious effect in and around circulation spaces. Where privacy was of importance in office areas and meeting rooms, we used motifs or blinds between double glazing. In several locations, we widened corridors and incorporated seating areas and QbiQ stove‑enamelled steel partition walls for use as magnetic boards. Another bonus for scientists is the option to use walls to write on wherever they are. Together with QbiQ, we ensured that partition walls could be used for a variety of purposes. And the way they integrated room control panels next to doors is wonderful. QbiQ helped us all the way. No problem is insurmountable for them…”


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