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Slender frame meets slim door


QbiQ & Plooijer are jointly presenting an innovative concept, slender & slim for the most taught design. The QbiQ framed doors are fully integrated in the steel plate frame assortment of Plooijer Zaandam.

Unique synergy
You can seamlessly use the austere QbiQ aluminium framed doors in both the QbiQ partition walls and in the structural walls with steel plate frames of Plooijer. This provides a unique synergy, particularly in situations where both structural doors as well as doors in partition walls are visible. As it’s now possible to equip the structural and the flexible part of the building with the same aluminium framed doors, the walls fit together beautifully on an aesthetic level.

Large choice
In spite of the collaboration still being quite recent; there is an immediate large choice of doors and frames. QbiQ has five aluminium framed doors that are suitable for placement in a steel Plooijer frame. The differences between the framed doors consist of, among others, single or double glazing, the position of the glass (centred or on the side), the width of the aluminium frame and finally, a single or double rabbeted stop.

Depending on the architectural situation and wishes, one of the many Plooijer frames from the large assortment can be chosen.

Cradle to Cradle
In addition, the various combinations of framed doors and steel frames will soon be Cradle to Cradle certified.

About Plooijer
Plooijer Toegangstechnologieën has been developing, producing and installing windows, doors and frames for safety uses since 1954.

Plooijer stands for reliable solutions that meet the highest quality standards of the VMRG [Dutch metal window and façade industry foundation]. In our organisation we constantly work on the improvement and development of our product portfolio and we represent a pleasant and safe working environment. We only supply customised solutions, where stainless steel versions are our speciality.

We find sustainability and the environment extremely important. Ninety-three percent of our products consist of recycled steel and are 100% recyclable, without any ‘downcycling’. You don’t waste steel, you use it!


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