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Spectacular wall systems for Pulse, Delft University of Technology


A new project with a very special contribution of QbiQ was recently finished: the Pulse building at Delft University of Technology. This design by Ector Hoogstad Architecten originated from the university’s need for more education areas with a flexible, uniquely shaped design. The rooms are used for various new forms of education, such as interactive seminars, flipped classrooms and videoconferencing.

This ‘modern activating education’ got its purpose in this entirely climate-neutral building, with a star role for the QbiQ wall systems. For instance, the entrance was provided with a 5.30-metre high glass wall with blue lighting. In the Inspiration Room we provided a 7-metre high glass wall. What’s also special are the extra wide glass walls in which you can still see the building’s metal construction. The details can be found here.


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